Although none of these plans have been put in place, Marothi Josias Masashane, who heads the South African National Christian Forum, complained in documents to the country’s supreme court of “the employers’ attitude against unvaccinated employees “. and the news that the University of Cape Town was considering a compulsoryRead More →

Donor: Kathryn Wright – Culham St Gabriel’s Trust | Published: September 21, 2021 Kathryn Wright – Culham St Gabriel’s Trust September 16, 2021 New research highlights the importance of religious and non-religious worldviews in the UK workplace Most employees (63%) think it’s important to understand others’ beliefs in the workplace,Read More →

Posted September 19, 2021 Health experts have warned that traditional and religious beliefs fuel the complications of preeclampsia, noting that managing the condition should now be seen as crucial in curbing the rising incidence of maternal mortality. According to health experts, preeclampsia is one of the leading causes of maternalRead More →

With the rise of the highly contagious variant of COVID-19 Delta, mandatory vaccination requirements are becoming more common in the workplace. Unless prohibited by law or collective agreement, employers are free to determine working conditions, including that vaccination against COVID is an essential safety rule and qualification for employment. Additionally,Read More →

Find out what clicks on Two Alaska Airlines employees file a federal complaint alleging that the company retaliated against them for questioning its support for the equality law. First Liberty Institute, which represents the employees, alleges that the company said “[d]defining gender identity or sexual orientation as a moralRead More →