The Executive Council of the Student Bar Council, a group of alumni and students of NALSAR University of Law, Hyderabad, has expressed its condemnation of the discriminatory actions of the state government and several educational institutions in the Karnataka. In a statement released recently, they also communicated that they standRead More →

A Christian student organization in Texas will once again be allowed to register on campus and choose leaders who agree with its values ​​and mission. the University of Houston–Clear Lake refused to allow Christi report to register as an official student organization because it requires its leaders to affirm itsRead More →

A controversial bill proposed in the Oklahoma state senate would make public school personnel – including teachers – personally liable for “promoting positions in opposition” to a student’s “closely related religious beliefs”. If adopted, Senate Bill 1470 would entitle parents who bring a successful lawsuit on behalf of their childrenRead More →

A wave of misinformation and conspiracy theories circulating on social media underpins COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy in Africa, where only 11% of people have received the vaccine. Religious beliefs, distrust of government and the West, and a casual attitude to the scale of the pandemic have also contributed to general hesitationRead More →

Aymanam panchayat near Kottayam witnessed a tense situation on Tuesday when members of the Prathyaksha Raksha Daiva Sabha issued suicide threats following a decision by authorities to demolish a building belonging to the religious movement on the base of a court order. The drama began to unfold in the morningRead More →

A parishioner at St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church in Brookings prepares packed lunches for homeless residents. St. TImonthy’s Nearly two years after advocating for the city of Portland to drop plans to limit the number of free meals volunteers could serve the hungry in public parks, a Portland civil rights organizationRead More →