Anupamaa actor Anagha Bhosale quits acting for religious beliefs: ‘I want to get away from people who walk away from God’

Actress Anupamaa Anagha Bhosale, who had previously spoken of quitting the television industry, has formalized her decision. Anagha took to her social media and wrote that she was “officially leaving the film and television industry”. Anagha’s note suggests she does it for her “religious beliefs and spiritual path.”

In his note, Anagha mentioned that “it should be understood that human birth is to serve and love God and to spread Krishna consciousness.” His note read: “Hare Krishna Family, I know you all were kind and worried after the show and thank you for that, I’m really grateful, if some of you don’t know yet that I’m officially leaving the film and tv industry this is it and i really hope you respect and definitely support my decision i made this decision because of my religious beliefs and my spiritual path i know you should continue to do your karmas but not where your krishna consciousness or spiritual growth is impaired or weakened, I believe you should distance yourself from situations or people that increase your distance from God/Krishna.

She said showbiz was altering her levels of consciousness and wrote, “The field I was in is very different and alters my levels of consciousness, makes you something you are not and takes you away from that in what you believe so that was my decision thank you for all the concerns, messages and calls you have shared with me and my family, thank you for your love and respect. I think if you need answers, read the spiritual and sacred book, READ SHRIMAD BHAGAVAD GITA.

Anagha had previously spoken to The Times of India and said that the industry is full of hypocrisy, which made her decide because she believed herself to be a spiritual person.

On Anupamaa, she played the role of Nandini and had recently left the Star Plus show. His co-star Sudhanshu Pandey wrote in the comments, “Your true calling…Enjoy the journey my child.”