Lorcan Walshe – The Artifacts Project The Hunt Museum is bringing ‘The Artefacts Project’ to Limerick from July 21 to September 11, giving visitors the chance to see familiar objects from pre-colonial Ireland in a different light. Lorcan Walshe’s “The Artefacts Project” works are inspired by indigenous craftsmanship and earlyRead More →

Sebastiano del Piombo (1485-1547), “Portrait of Pope Clement VII” (circa 1531), oil on slate (The J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles) The exhibition explores how artists used stone to create dramatic and emotional effects in portraits and depictions of the sacred from the Renaissance to the 18th century The purchaseRead More →

By Professor Ellen Hernandez Ellen Hernandez MARRAKECH, Morocco — What is the message conveyed by the representation of plants in religious texts? What do the images that these references send back to us about a people and a society tell us? These are the questions posed by award-winning artist andRead More →

The church which is part of the former monastery “Schwestern zum Guten Hirten” (Sisters of the Good Shepherd) in the Lindenthal district of Cologne, in western Germany, looks like a large protective tent. “It was supposed to be a kind of Noah’s ark, a refuge for what people called ‘fallenRead More →

It’s hard to imagine what 19th-century dandy painter Eugène Delacroix and action film paladin Mel Gibson might have in common. Yet both scandalized audiences with violent imagery, both were ostracized from their contemporary artistic institutions and both drew inspiration from Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich’s visions of the suffering and deathRead More →

The Iconclastic Riot of 1587 From a collection of Johann Jakob Wick (1522-1588). Johann Jakob Wick, Bildersturm von 1587, Mischtechnik ca. 22×33 cm, Zürich Zentralbibliothek Hans Feer was carrying a heavy load on his cart through the city of Zurich on May 9, 1587. A chest weighed nearly 300 kilograms;Read More →

For thousands of years, art has played an important role in the faith. “I would say religion has always been a big topic in art,” says Nancy Ross, assistant professor of art history at Dixie State University. “Belief played an important role. “ Ross says that elements of belief canRead More →

“The Baptism of Christ” by Cima de Conegliano © Bridgeman Art Library For many years, I lived a few minutes from the Church of San Giovanni in Bragora in the Castello district of Venice. Nothing in its humble brick facade foreshadowed the presence inside of a magnificent altarpiece: “The BaptismRead More →

Thangka paintings by Chudri and Tashi Gyatso Thangka paintings by Chudri and Tashi Gyatso Chudri working on a Thangka painting Religious art transcends borders Once sacred, Thangka paintings invade the secularized market Although a favorite for collectors today, Thangka remains an obscure art beyond the Tibetan regions, not palpable toRead More →

Fabrizio Boschi’s “Miracle of the Manna” is part of the “Angel’s Offering: Treasures of the Uffizi” exhibit at the James A. Michener Art Museum in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. Botticelli paintings in Bucks County? Surprising! And what a wonderful surprise it is! Forty-five paintings and tapestries from the Uffizi Gallery in Florence,Read More →