Law and Home Affairs Minister K Shanmugam said no particular religious group was favored by policymakers He added that the principles of “secularism, neutrality between religions” have been one of the “golden threads” of Singapore’s public policy making. He was responding to a question from opposition leader Pritam Singh MrRead More →

He’s only been out two days, but At Elena Tsagrinou’s place “El Diablo” is already causing a storm. Cyprus’ Entry to Eurovision 2021 is the subject of a rapidly growing petition from a church group campaigning for the song to be deleted. The religious group claims that “El Diablo” isRead More →

An international college-linked evangelical group that pleaded guilty in 2020 to an embezzlement scheme involving the former owners of Newsweek magazine appears to have purchased the former Montgomery County School of Art campus from Temple University. “Nonprofit Religious Organization” Acquired Former Tyler School of Art Campus in Elkins Park forRead More →

Jews in this country have a lower opinion of President Trump’s moral and political behavior than members of other religions, although they show signs of ambivalence in his handling of “Jewish” issues. These are among the conclusions of an opinion poll published on March 12 by the Pew Research CenterRead More →

Singers Ivy and Tei have responded to false rumors circulating about their religious beliefs. South Korea is currently grappling with the outbreak of COVID-19 (novel coronavirus), with a religious group known as Shincheonji playing a vital role in the outbreak in the Daegu area. As more and more confirmed casesRead More →

South Korea, the world’s 11th largest economy, has a troubling history with religious movements. Almost 30% of the population is Christian, but alongside traditional churches, marginal groups and charismatic leaders have thrived. Jo Mit-eum, an expert on these groups, said South Korea’s rapid economic growth has created an environment whereRead More →

Last week, the Pew Research Center published a study on religious hostilities around the world. They looked at which religions were oppressed by the government and where. (It won’t surprise you to learn that nations under Islamic rule are damn hostile to non-Muslims.) The study found that 52 governments rankRead More →

New Mexico deputies on Sunday arrested four members of a religious cult with ties to the Sacramento area. The Aggressive Christian Missions Training Corps was founded in Sacramento in 1982. This week, its co-founder Deborah Green was charged with several crimes, including child abuse and sexual penetration of a minor.Read More →

Evangelicals are the only religious group in the United States that hasn’t gained a better reputation in recent years. And Americans have become less likely to know an Evangelical, more so than any other religious tradition. While sentiments toward evangelicals have remained stable (even among Democrats), Americans have given warmerRead More →

Last Wednesday, the Pew Research Center released the results of a new survey showing that American attitudes toward Muslims have improved in recent years. While respondents to a 2014 survey gave Muslims an average score of 40 on a 100-point “sentiment thermometer” – a scale measuring preference towards different groupsRead More →

All over the world, Christians are persecuted because of their faith. The European Parliament has brought much-needed recognition to victims of persecution and must follow up with concrete tools to protect religious groups around the world, writes Adina Portaru. Adina Portaru is legal counsel in Brussels for ADF International, aRead More →

Harry Potter fans know that Hogwarts is a diverse place, but have you ever wondered if it’s religiously diverse? JK Rowling confirmed this week that this is indeed the case, but that at least one religious group has been excluded. Some readers, however, might be surprised to know which beliefRead More →