A Canadian citizen is among 17 missionaries from Christian Aid Ministries who were kidnapped in Haiti as they left an orphanage, the religious organization said on Sunday. The missionary group, which also includes 16 US citizens, consists of five men, seven women and five children, Christian Aid Ministries confirmed inRead More →

A pro-Trump religious group, led by Pastor Hyung-jin “Sean” Moon, who uses AR-15 rifles in ceremonies, purchased a 130-acre holy retreat in Tennessee. “Spiritual download”: Moon heads services at Rod of Iron Ministries, also known as the Sanctuary of World Peace and Unification, while wearing a crown of metal bulletsRead More →

Image via Getty / Bryan Anselm / Redux for the Washington Post The wand of iron ministries, a firearm-obsessed religious group, would now have bought a property at Tennessee which will be transformed into a so-called “training center” for its members. The Pennsylvania-based church has appeared in the headlines sporadicallyRead More →

Although none of these plans have been put in place, Marothi Josias Masashane, who heads the South African National Christian Forum, complained in documents to the country’s supreme court of “the employers’ attitude against unvaccinated employees “. and the news that the University of Cape Town was considering a compulsoryRead More →