Church group asks Concourt to allow them to stay unvaccinated – The Citizen

Although none of these plans have been put in place, Marothi Josias Masashane, who heads the South African National Christian Forum, complained in documents to the country’s supreme court of “the employers’ attitude against unvaccinated employees “. and the news that the University of Cape Town was considering a compulsory vaccination policy from next year, with the institution’s senate voting in favor this week.

“The plaintiff will argue that such action amounts to discrimination. The goal of a public university is to make higher education accessible to everyone in the country. By introducing vaccine passes at these institutions, universities are depriving some students and prospective students of the right to receive an education and granting more rights to others based on the health status of those students, ”Masashane said. , which represents itself.

“It is shocking that it is assumed that young people could be denied access to higher education institutions on the basis of their immunization status… Rather, the government should do everything in its power to make universities and other higher education institutions as accessible as possible, rather than preventing students from entering the premises ”.

He also targeted the idea of ​​vaccination passports.

“Christians are now forced to get the Covid vaccine against their religious beliefs because they are told the government is preparing a Covid passport and without it they will not be allowed to go to church. This is further discrimination and creates stigma for those who choose not to vaccinate, ”he insisted.

Masashane said the case was about the freedom to choose. He also said the forum wanted the president and cabinet to be ordered to “protect the constitutional rights of all South Africans, regardless of whether or not they are vaccinated.”