Concerned citizens and NGOs alert Ganduje to the activities of a religious group

The Kano Concerned Citizens and NGOs Coalition called on the Kano State government to stay away from the activities of a religious group in the state known as the Coalition of Ulema and NGOs.

Speaking to a press conference in Kano on Thursday, the group’s coordinator Ibrahim Sulaiman said the appeal had become necessary because the state government had recently silenced Sheikh Abduljabbar Nasiru Kabara on the basis of ‘misinformation from the said coalition of Ulemas and NGOs in Kano.

The group said the Coalition of Ulemas and NGOs was formed by like minds who use it as a platform to suppress rival religious groups, saying it would not bode well for the state, in particular. with the current tension in the country.

The group also urged the government to be fair and equitable to all, regardless of their religious inclinations, as provided for in the Nigerian constitution.

They identified a number of State Ulemas who had dissociated themselves from the said Coalition of Ulemas and NGOs.

“We hereby call on the Kano State government which has prohibited Sheikh Avduljabbar Nasiru Kabara from revealing the truth about the plots of a few individuals of almost one creed to intimidate other Nigerians of different sectarian faiths from practicing their religious beliefs according to their convictions. , thus depriving them of their constitutional rights, ”the group said.

He also called on the security agencies to shine their spotlight on the Coalition of Ulemas and NGOs and its activities to ensure optimal security in the state and guarantee religious and other freedoms for all citizens, including Sheikh Abduljabbar.