Couples who clashed over religious beliefs

In the 90 day fiance frankly, religion can cause serious ruptures in international relations. Since Americans fall in love with foreign partners, there are many cultural differences. More 90DF the stars weren’t raised in the same kinds of religious backgrounds as their other halves, so they sometimes clash over their differing spiritual beliefs.

On 90 Day Fiance, it is usually the American partner who cares less about religion than their international counterpart. There are also situations where both people in the relationship care about their religion to the same extent. Other nations may take religion more seriously, and it may be difficult for Americans to compromise in order to respect the beliefs of those close to them. Some 90DF the stars are ready to convert to other religions to please their partners. However, many cast members also choose to stick to their own religion.


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Many 90 Fiance of the day couples must consider religion when deciding to spend the rest of their lives together. On the show, couples should think about religion when planning their wedding ceremonies. Family members can add pressure by expecting both halves of couples to share certain moral codes based on religion and pass those values ​​on to any children they have together. There is a lot of 90DF couples who clashed over religious beliefs. Some pairs handled things well, while others couldn’t stay together.

Ariela Weinberg and Biniyam Shiber

When Ariela moved to Ethiopia to be with Biniyam the 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way season 2, she was struggling to adjust to life in a new country. One of Ari and Bini’s biggest arguments was whether they should baptize the 90DF the couple’s son, Aviel Shibre. Ari was raised Jewish and had no intention of converting to Christianity when Bini asked her to. Ari’s father is Jewish and her mother is Roman Catholic, and she has increasingly identified with the Jewish religion. She even went to church with Bini and didn’t enjoy the experience.

It was clear that Ari was uncomfortable welcoming his son into Bini’s Orthodox Christian faith. Bini and her sisters Mimi and Wish convinced Ari to baptize Avi because it was important to their family, and she eventually agreed to do so. The couple now live in the United States and will be featured on 90 day fiance season 9. According to the 90 days couple Instagram account, it looks like Ari and Bini had a Jewish wedding ceremony at Ari’s Synagogue in New Jersey. 90DF fans are happy that the couple was able to compromise on their religion.

Steven Johnston and Alina

Steven definitely pushed his strict Mormon beliefs about his Russian girlfriend Alina on 90 Day Fiance: The other side season 3. Alina found out she couldn’t trust the Utah native because he admitted to cheating on her with multiple women. Mormon men are expected to have good morals and avoid infidelity. Both Alina and her mother were skeptical of the Mormon faith because they thought it was a cult. However, Alina told Steven that she would convert after marrying him. In fact, the 90DF Franchise star Alina researched the Mormon religion before meeting Steven in Turkey.

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When the couple reunited in Turkey, Steven suggested they stay in separate hotels, as he feared being intimate with Alina before the wedding due to her Mormon beliefs. He found an apartment for Alina and booked himself a nearby hostel. Alina was very nervous about being alone in another country, so she convinced Steven to leave the hostel and live with her in the apartment. Steven said yes, but was acting hypocritical because he also lied about being a virgin. Alina and Steven are still married and live in Turkey. The 90DF the stars are in a happier place after appearing on the show.

Natalie Mordovtseva and Mike Youngquist

On 90 day fiance season 7, Mike visited his fiancée Natalie in Ukraine. During the trip, Natalie took Mike to her Orthodox Christian church. From the start, Natalie was very open about being a nun. She does not drink alcohol and follows a vegetarian diet. Mike is the complete opposite of Natalie. As a typical American, he likes to drink beer and eat meat. Unlike Natalie, Mike does not believe in God and identifies as an atheist. He also believes that humans and aliens exist in the same universe. When Natalie arrived in America, the couple realized that their differences were very important. The two actors are no longer together, but 90DFNatalie surprisingly lives a less godly lifestyle in Florida, as shown 90 days: single life season 2.

Shores of Brittany and Yazan Abo Horira

Brittany and Yazan really weren’t on the same page when it came to their religious beliefs. When Brittany moved to Jordan on The other side season 2, she wore a hijab as a sign of respect in the Middle Eastern country. Brittany was nervous about meeting Yazan’s parents because he was raised in a strict Muslim family and she doesn’t practice any type of religion. Yazan’s parents weren’t happy with Brittany’s risque photos on Instagram. They wanted their son to marry a Muslim woman and felt that 90DFBrittany disrespected their religion because they refused to convert to Islam. Yazan’s family even threatened to harm him after finding out that he was still going to marry her. Brittany and Yazan now lead separate lives. Yazan is married to a Muslim woman named Leena and the couple are expecting a baby.

Rebecca Parrott and Zied Hakimi

Rebecca brought her Tunisian fiancé Zied to America on 90 day fiance season 8. When the couple got together, it was a turbulent time for them. Zied never told Rebecca that he was not allowed to be with her during the Muslim religious holiday of Ramadan because they weren’t married yet. Because of the confinement, Rebecca and Zied should live together immediately. They had no choice but to move the wedding date forward, due to holidays and COVID-19 restrictions. The 90DF the couple also had to plan a smaller-than-expected wedding, on short notice. Everything worked out for Rebecca and Zied and they are still married today.

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In the 90 day fiance frankly, religion can be a sensitive subject. The strongest couples on the show are able to put aside their differences to make their relationships work. Duos that have a harder time compromising their religious beliefs should go their separate ways. Fortunately, these splits are often for the best.

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