Dean of Students issues warning to campus community over harassment of students by unidentified religious group – The Arbiter

On April 6, Boise State Dean of Students Christian Wuthrich sent an email warning of the presence of an unidentified religious group on campus after receiving multiple complaints of student harassment.

According to information provided to the university, members of this group, who are not university students, use various manipulation and control tactics to gain followers, approaching students who are studying or walking alone and push them to attend meetings in the Student Union building. as a means of recruiting them.

Wuthrich warned students of some signs to look out for when approached by someone on campus. These included someone reluctant to identify the specific church for which they act, someone who is overly friendly, attentive and caring in an effort to be persuasive, or someone persistent in joining or assisting. at certain events.

“It is out of an abundance of caution that I raise the allegations shared with the university by several students,” Wuthrich said. “Freedom of association is entrenched in both the State of Idaho and the United States Constitution, and this message is in no way intended to discourage students from freely exercising their rights.”

The email encourages students who have interacted with the group or its members who need help or want to share their own details to contact Wuthrich for instructions. Additionally, students can submit a CARE Alert if there are additional concerns about the group.