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It was a new first week of the spring semester for students at West Texas A&M University, but that would soon change with speculation on social media.

Ellison’s tweet, which received over 797 retweets and over 1,000 likes.

“It was a specific post that had inaccurate information, and of course once you do it goes all over the place,” said UPD Sgt. Barbara Ferrara.

A Twitter post by Chloe Ellison, a junior in computer information systems, warned locals against “God the Mother” as the name of an alleged sex trafficking sectarian group after hearing about the unrest. from her sorority sisters to Alpha Sigma Alpha. “I have heard horror stories of similar occurrences of rape victims (slash) so why not go ahead and warn people on campus and advise them to be careful,” he said. Ellison said.

The World Mission Society Church of God is a religious movement originating in South Korea that has existed since 1964. It was founded by religious leader Ahn Sahng-Hong. Who in the eyes of WMSCOG; is the second coming of Jesus Christ. They also believe that the co-founder, Zahng Gil-Jah, is “God the Mother”.

Over the years, the organization has grown around the world and has built a reputation for humanitarian work such as disaster relief, community support, clean world movements, among other activities. . In addition, their work has received notable awards such as the President’s Volunteer Service Award from former President Barack Obama and current President Donald Trump and the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service among the few awards to make their list.

This is the last thing people would expect after releasing these reports all day long. Candance Ramos, an Amarillo resident who works as a computer technician, was invited by a member of WMSCOG to attend an event in the Embassy Suites in downtown Amarillo. What followed for Ramos was as he describes it, an experience he will not forget.

Ramos’ facebook post after going to the service

“Everyone who was with this church looked so lost, their eyes were dilated,” Ramos said. He was also overwhelmed by their persistence in pushing for Bible studies because Ramos felt the beliefs of the church were forced upon him. “Each of those people who worked for the church all had the same scriptures highlighted,” Ramos said.

Also, the service setup was different for him. “During the service, they made all the men sit on one side of the room and all the women on the other side, and then forced the children to sit behind their parents,” Ramos said. .

It turns out that Ramos was one of the baptized people. “My first intention was to go to a regular Bible study, but once they started talking about Ahn Sahng Hong, I wanted to see how they worshiped and how they were baptized,” Ramos said. “They pressured me using scary tactics – how you won’t get to heaven and unless you get baptized like that,” he added.

WMSCOG leader Zarrel Williams explains the process of preparing for the event that evening. “42 new members were baptized in the previous two days, as well as members of our varsity club at the University of Denver, Colorado, who came to help spread the message of Mother God seen in the Bible as well as the Passover of the New Covenant restored by Ahn Sahng Hong, ”he said. Regarding the seating arrangement, Williams said it was actually open seating and not forced, but only advised to help minimize distractions in order to focus on worship in spirit and in truth, as John 4:24 attests. He added that the church usually holds its service in a house church in Amarillo. According to Williams, Amarillo is one of the last major cities in the world to adopt Ahn Sang-Hong’s teachings and they are seeking to take over the building where the Loft Church previously held services at 4400 S Georgia Street in Amarillo.

Brandon Fabre, another WMSCOG leader, said he was very shocked when he heard reports that his religion is linked to sex sects and human trafficking. “When it comes to this situation, the first thing I thought about – if you look at the church, we are doing the exact opposite,” Fabre said. He referred to Acts 24: 5 from the scriptures when Jesus’ people were accused of being a sect. “God’s people are going through this – it’s disheartening because it’s our intention to bring them to salvation,” Fabre said.

By Rafael Flores
“New Song” is the book that the Church of God of the World Mission Society uses to sing the praises of the worship service