Far from the Brush: How Religious Art Can Be Found Anywhere…

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There is so much religious art there. If you’ve ever taken the time to visit an art gallery or museum, chances are you’ve come across quite a few paintings. They are often beautiful, delicate interpretations of religious passages and scriptures, designed to visualize belief and give an honest description of a religion’s virtues and messages.

But religious art is not just painted on canvas. In fact, one of the wonderful things about religion is how its messages and symbols are displayed through various artistic avenues. Here are some ways to view art in religion.

You can wear your religion

Jewelry is an artistic way to express yourself and reveal your inner truths on the canvas of your own skin. With religious jewelry, people can carry their faith with them, as well as make a statement with powerful and symbolic designs. This is possible regardless of your faith. Take Judaism, for example. Jewelry has been worn by Jews and Israelites for centuries, with Chai pendants and gold necklaces symbolizing life and luck in years to come. Places like the Israeli Judaica Center can showcase an array of these beautiful symbolic jewels. Whether it is a Star of David necklace or gold Hamsa earrings, each gracefully represents religion in its own subtle way, allowing the wearer to feel beautiful in the design and virtues they confers on them.

You can see the art in the architecture

There is no need to emphasize how beautiful religious buildings can be. Some of the most amazing buildings are built for worship, creating a striking and warm feeling on any street or skyline. Often this architecture and design would have been forged hundreds of years ago, each typically taking decades to complete. We still appreciate them today thanks to this dedication. From beautiful stained glass windows to smooth, delicate stone walls, there is so much art in any religious building.

Religion is always rooted in culture

Today, religion is still a cornerstone in almost every culture. This way you can see the artistry and creativity in the methods a message is said or preached. This can be evident in music, movies, or even something as simple as a preacher giving a devoted and passionate account of Scripture. Likewise, many festivals are still celebrated and cherished across the world, spreading the message of faith in fun, family-friendly ways. Some of these festivals are visually beautiful to watch and experience. The Holi Festival of Color, for example, is an annual demonstration of Hindu values ​​and beliefs through joyous artistic display.

Open your eyes and take it all

Regardless of religion, there is so much to watch and savor. Viewing a piece of scripture should not be done only through a paintbrush. Instead, the art of religion pervades almost every field, enlightening our hearts and illuminating our souls.

The next time you walk down the street, be sure to open your eyes and grab it all. Whether it’s a piece of jewelry, a tall soaring building, or a stunning piece of music, the virtues and beauty of religion can be found anywhere.


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