Farruko Releases Intense Video For ‘My Lova’ About Religious Beliefs

Farruko has been candid about her embrace of religion following the wild success of her 2021 hit, “Pepas.” “Me, being number one, having the best cars, having everything, I couldn’t see my kids,” he said at a concert in Miami in February, according to Billboard. “I destroyed my first family. I hurt a woman who loved me as I was.

Since then, he has continued to focus on religion, bringing his beliefs to the fore in concerts and performances. Not everyone has embraced the transformation; at the Miami concert where he spoke about God and his faith, he refused to perform “Pepas” in full and angered fans who had expected to see the celebratory anthems they had been waiting for. star. Now, in a Mike Ho-directed video for his new song “My Lova,” he digs deeper into the turmoil he’s been dealing with over the past few months. The visuals are intense and make biblical references to Jesus, showing Farruko carrying a cross as people laugh and laugh at him.

Farruko gave her first performance of the track at the Latin American Music Awards on Thursday, just before the premiere of the video, which was also produced by Raul Celaya. He posted a short snippet of the performance on Instagram, writing “True love comes through repentance and forgiveness – remember that.”