Gay couple rejected by marriage venue due to owner’s religious beliefs

Gay couple in Tennessee rejected at wedding venue due to owner’s religious beliefs

Like many newly engaged couples, Mike Gill and Coty Heaton started looking for the perfect wedding venue, and when they stumbled upon Barn in the Bend in Madison, Tennessee, it looked like they had found it. That was until the owner found out that they are a same sex couple.

When Gill initially contacted the owner of the place, Jackie Daniel, things went well and the couple made an appointment to visit the premises. Gill noticed that Daniel’s signature included the phrase “We only offer same-sex marriage ceremonies,” another sign that they had chosen a great place to exchange their vows. However, about an hour later, he received another email from the owner, but this time the signature was changed. Now it was written, “We do not offer same-sex marriage ceremonies. “

Daniel had a follow-up question for the couple. “I’m not sure, but I think I remember you calling me and I was on vacation last week,” she wrote. “Did you mention your partner was a ‘he’? If I’m wrong, I’m sorry. Daniel let them know that if that was the case they couldn’t get married at Barn in the Bend and that she “didn’t want to waste her time,” noting that they “don’t offer same-sex weddings here. “

The reason for the refusal? Daniel’s religious beliefs. “I’m sorry, but due to my religious beliefs I chose this policy,” she wrote.

Heaton shared his story on Facebook, where he called the owner a “bigot.” In an interview with TMZ, he clarified that the couple did not want anything from the place, just to let other homosexual couples know that they are not welcome there.

Friends, allies and members of the LBGTQ + community have flooded the TripAdvisor and Yelp pages with one-star reviews in favor of the couple. “They hatefully refused to support legal marriages between ALL married couples who are US CITIZENS,” wrote one reviewer. “Homophobia. Spend your money elsewhere. They don’t deserve anyone’s business. Even if you are not gay I wouldn’t give this place a dime of your money. No one wants to sponsor hate and discrimination, ”wrote another.

Gill and Heaton are currently on the hunt for a more inclusive venue for their big day.