Is a religious group founded in Chattanooga suspected of a wildfire in Colorado?

The fire may have started on property owned by the Twelve Tribes, which started here as the Yellow Deli

BOULDER, Colo. (WDEF) – It could be weeks before we get an indication if a religious group that formed in Chattanooga might have something to do with the horrific Colorado wildfire last week.

The Boulder County fire has scorched nearly 1,000 homes as 100 mph winds swept flames across more than nine square miles of the state.

Two people are still missing.

While firefighters are still battling to put out the last flames, the investigation is ongoing into how it started.

The area where the fire started includes property occupied by the Twelve Tribes.

This is the current name of the old “cult” Yellow Deli.

A local teacher founded the community in the 1970s and for a time met in and with the 1st Presbyterian Church.

But the group ended up leaving the church and the city after being accused of becoming a cult.

The group changed its name and became international with thousands of members worldwide.

On Monday, Boulder County Sheriff Joe Pelle was asked if they were investigating the Twelve Tribes.

He said they had interviewed dozens of people but had not yet found any suspected cause.

“The investigation into the cause of the fire is ongoing. It is supported by Forest Service experts who are experienced and very talented in investigating major fires in other states. And I have no updates. day on an investigation at the moment, if not to say that it is in full swing and in full swing.

The results of the investigation, or even a progress report, could take several days or even weeks.