Letter: Don’t Let Religious Beliefs Infiltrate Public Schools | Letters to the Editor

Regarding Aisha Sultan’s column “Festus teacher says she was fired for supporting LGBTQ students” (March 19): The Constitution guarantees us certain inalienable rights. But who is “we”? Does a woman who cannot carry a pregnancy to term have rights? Does the black teenager grow up in poverty? Or the gay man or the lesbian woman? Are the rights guaranteed by the Constitution not right people? And, of course, what about our responsibility to respect these rights? Apparently that doesn’t apply to Big Religion.

I believe that the principal of Festus R-VI High School, Jacob Muñoz, is using his religion not only to shame and discriminate against lesbian and gay students, but also to fire a teacher, Patricia Johnson. He took action against her because she hung a student’s work that included a small gay pride flag. Muñoz, a conservative Christian, said his personal religious views would not allow him to support LGBT students at his school.

Muñoz greatly exceeded his authority by allowing his personal religious views to interfere with his official duties. Johnson had done nothing wrong. The gay students had done nothing wrong.

P. Anderson • County of St. Louis