Mormons are now the most Republican religious group in America

A Pew Research Center report released today finds Mormons to be the most Republican religious group.

The Pew Research Center, building on findings from the 2014 Religious Landscape Survey, today released a report on “America’s Religious Groups and Their Political Tendencies.”

“Mormons are the most strongly Republican religious group in the United States, while a pair of major historically black Protestant denominations – the African Methodist Episcopal Church (AME) and the National Baptist Convention – are two of the strongest Democratic groups. reliable,” the report said.

Seventy percent of Mormons are now affiliated with the GOP, up from 65% when the survey was conducted in 2007. The second-most Republican group, the Southern Baptist Convention, is six points behind the Latter-day Saints at 64%.

Democrats now represent just 19% of American Mormons, down from 22% in 2007.

This year is the first presidential election since 2008 which has not presented at least one LDS candidate for president, although Marco Rubio, who is currently neck and neck with evangelical Ted Cruz, spent some of his formative years as a Mormon and part of his adulthood as a than evangelical. Rubio now considers himself a Roman Catholic.