No major religious group in America supports denial of service to LGBT people: poll

Some would think that the rise of President Donald Trump proved that a majority of Americans were not ready for the complete separation of church and state. But a new poll by the Public Religion Research Institute has found that all major religious groups in the United States are against companies that discriminate against gays and lesbians on the basis of religion.

It was the first time a PRRI poll found this result.

“For the first time in a PRRI poll of this size, no major religious group is reporting majority support for denial of religion-based services by gay and lesbian Americans,” PRRI CEO Robert P. Jones said in a statement. Press release. “And most religious groups today support same-sex marriage. Religious groups in which majorities oppose same-sex marriage make up less than 20% of the public.

More than 60% of Americans responding to the survey said they object to the idea of ​​small business owners in their state refusing to provide products or services to gay men and lesbians, even if it would violate their religious beliefs.

Only 50% of white evangelical Protestants and less than half of Mormons (42%), Hispanic Protestants (34%), black Protestants (25%) and Jehovah’s Witnesses (25%) believe that small business owners should have the right to refuse services to gays and lesbians.

“At a time when Americans seem more divided than ever by partisanship and religion, there is growing evidence that gay rights debates are short-lived,” said Dan Cox, research director PRRI. “For the first time since PRRI polled on this issue, a majority of young Republicans and young white evangelical Protestants support same-sex marriage.”