“The Baptism of Christ” by Cima de Conegliano © Bridgeman Art Library For many years, I lived a few minutes from the Church of San Giovanni in Bragora in the Castello district of Venice. Nothing in its humble brick facade foreshadowed the presence inside of a magnificent altarpiece: “The BaptismRead More →

Harry Potter fans know that Hogwarts is a diverse place, but have you ever wondered if it’s religiously diverse? JK Rowling confirmed this week that this is indeed the case, but that at least one religious group has been excluded. Some readers, however, might be surprised to know which beliefRead More →

Thangka paintings by Chudri and Tashi Gyatso Thangka paintings by Chudri and Tashi Gyatso Chudri working on a Thangka painting Religious art transcends borders Once sacred, Thangka paintings invade the secularized market Although a favorite for collectors today, Thangka remains an obscure art beyond the Tibetan regions, not palpable toRead More →

Fabrizio Boschi’s “Miracle of the Manna” is part of the “Angel’s Offering: Treasures of the Uffizi” exhibit at the James A. Michener Art Museum in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. Botticelli paintings in Bucks County? Surprising! And what a wonderful surprise it is! Forty-five paintings and tapestries from the Uffizi Gallery in Florence,Read More →

The idea that Paleolithic art is based on religious beliefs is not new. But for years, anthropologists, archaeologists and art historians have understood these artistic manifestations as purely aesthetic and decorative motifs. Eduardo Palacio-Pérez, researcher at the University of Cantabria (UC), now reveals the origins of the theory. “This theoryRead More →