Shropshire non-religious group hears about diversity within Judaism

Mark and Sue Michaels

Shropshire Humanists welcomes people of all faiths and not to an online conference in Diversity Within Judasim from 7:30 p.m. on Thursday, November 18.

Mark and Sue Michaels will talk about the diversity within Judaism; distinction between ethnic or genetic groups. The political spectrum stretches from Zionist Jews to non-political Jews to anti-Zionist Jews

Mark and Sue will illustrate how, in fact, Jews can differ enormously from each other in their beliefs and way of life. A singular label or identity, such as Jewish, usually causes unnecessary and often misleading generalization.

Simon Nightingale, who chairs Shropshire Humanists, said the Zoom conference aimed to shed light on so-called ‘lonely identifiers’, those people “who ignore the fact that all of our lives are in fact pretty much the same. .

“We get up and take the kids to school, go to work to make a better life for our families; we meet friends and talk about family, politics, house prices and football.

“Each of us may have a unique pattern of different identities, but overall we are much more similar in many other ways than you might think when grouping people together by religion, nationality or background. Ethnicity History has taught us to label the trails with prejudice and discrimination.

Mark and Sue are active members of the Shropshire Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education (SACRE) which sets the RE curriculum for public schools in Shropshire.

They are also members and supporters of the Shrewsbury and South Shropshire Interfaith Forums; regularly in schools to discuss Judaism with students.

Simon adds, “Mark and Sue teach RE students that when they meet someone with a different label, ignore the label and find out what you both have in common; because what you have in common will be more important and certainly much more interesting than their unique label. “

Those who wish to attend the Zoom meeting or have questions should email Simon Nightingale at [email protected]