Strictly’s Dan Walker forced to explain his religious beliefs after creationist accusation

Strictly Come Dancing star Dan Walker was forced to explain his religious views after being labeled a “creationist,” which cast doubt on his ability to impartially host BBC Breakfast.

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Strictly: Dan Walker explains why he doesn’t work on Sundays

Strictly Come Dancing star Dan Walker is a Christian – that’s why he never works on Sundays, so if you ever see the BBC Breakfast host on TV on Sundays, it’s pre-recorded.

But his BBC Breakfast appointment has raised concerns that his faith is hampering his ability to conduct an unbiased interview, especially when it comes to climate change or science issues.

The Times claimed Dan was a creationist in a now-suppressed story, which means he believes God created the earth and that it is less than 10,000 years old.

A fury was sparked when BBC viewers objected to the host of an impartial and factual program being someone with such orthodox views.

But that wasn’t true, and Dan spoke to the Mirror to get the facts straight about what he believed.

“I have never described myself and never will be described as a creationist,” he said.

Dan was asked about his religious beliefs after being falsely called a creationist



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“As a Christian, like any Christian, Jew and Muslim, I believe that God is behind creation. But that’s it.

He continued: “I want to live in a world where we can have different views on things. Gary Lineker can present the game of the day even if you believe he is supporting one of the Premier League sides.

“An atheist can interview a Hindu about the intricacies of his faith. I don’t understand why we are terrified of people who think a little differently than the way we do.”

When he and his co-host Louise Minchin interviewed a guest on dinosaurs in 2016, it was suggested that Dan couldn’t participate because, as a so-called creationist, he doesn’t believe in dinosaurs.

Dan insisted, “Of course I believe in dinosaurs, I would be stupid not to.

Dan Walker with his professional partner Nadiya Bychkova



“At no point in this interview did I sound uncomfortable. Of the nine questions, I asked five.

“I’m a journalist and it’s my job to ask questions. We had a creative scientist on Five Live and my second question to him was, ‘How can you believe this stuff when there is so much evidence against that? ‘

“I like to think from the time I was at breakfast all these fears have been allayed. I have asked all the questions I needed to ask, and some that I am doing my best because I don’t. don’t want people to point fingers. “

Dan has wowed us on the dance floor for the past few weeks with his professional dance partner Nadiya Bychkova.

But he maintained his rule of no working on Sundays is still in place, and the couple are not repeating that day as Dan still dedicates it to his family.

“I’ve always had this day with my family. Sometimes it’s been difficult, and some people find it strange that this is the position I have chosen to take. But it’s really important,” he said. told The Independent.

“I work a lot, so I have to make up for the fact that I’m not here. My faith is important to me. That’s what thrills me.

“The time to rest, take a step back and focus on the important things in life allows me to keep my feet on the ground.”

The reason viewers see Dan on the results show on Sunday night is because she’s actually filmed right after the live Saturday show.

After a break for the audience to vote, the judges, dancers and presenters all return dressed in different outfits.

Because it’s recorded in advance, the show can be edited together to speed it up and if there are any mistakes they can be re-filmed – but not if they happen in the dreaded dance-off.

* Strictly Come Dancing continues Saturday night on BBC One

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