“Unaffiliated” is Philadelphia’s second largest religious tradition

A new survey released Wednesday, which examines religious traditions in the largest metropolitan areas of the United States, found that “unaffiliated” was the second largest religious practice in Philadelphia.

Catholics make up more than a quarter of the Philly metro area, but non-idents follow closely at 20%, followed next by black Protestantism.

The investigation was carried out by the public religion Research Institute (PRRI) did not specify its research methods. Earlier in the year, the same organization looked at the three main religious traditions in the United States. The new research uses data from the American Values ​​Atlas (AVA) to find local and national trends. Here are the main results:

  • Catholicism is the number one religious group – or tied for number one religious group – in 15 of the major metropolitan areas.
  • Religiously unaffiliated are the top “religious” group—or tied for the top religious group—in 10 of the major metropolitan areas.
  • And do not forget the White Evangelical Protestants, who win the first prize in six of the main metropolitan regions.
  • Atlanta is the only metro area that has no Catholics, Protestants with no religious affiliation, or white evangelical Protestants in the number one slot; this award goes to black Protestants.

Image: Atlas of American Values