What are Lady Gaga’s religious beliefs?

It seems that Lady Gaga has managed to create two artistic personalities for herself: one the almost avant-garde pop star (sometimes) and the other the chic jazz singer. You can argue that she also carved out a third personality with her turn as a dramatic actress in A star is bornallowing him to use his real birth name.

While we know these aspects of Lady Gaga, not everyone knows her personal religious beliefs. If you’re curious, we’re about to take a look at the faith she was raised in, as well as her views on religion throughout her career.

With a career as complex as hers, you might learn something about balancing religion and the world of entertainment.

Gaga grew up in a typical Italian Catholic family

Lady Gaga | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Having grown up in Manhattan with Italian roots, Gaga was raised Catholic all the. This would have helped establish a belief in and reverence for a personal God throughout his youth.

She’s certainly not the only superstar to have been raised Catholic (or practiced it at one point), although that also posed problems. As we’ve seen with some stars raised in Catholic families, they maintained their core faith, but decided to oppose institutionalized religion.

This is exactly what Lady Gaga’s beliefs ultimately evolved into. This philosophy has led to the way she has shaped her music, including recent political statements about things happening in America.

You’ll even find statements she made directly about Catholicism and her impression of how Jesus would interact with the celebrity world if he were here today.

His comments on a Catholic website were eye-opening

On Instagram, there is a popular Catholic account called CatholicLink where Catholic celebrities sometimes interact. Lady Gaga is one of them.

Few years ago, a person posted directly to their home and subtly berated her and other celebrities for often being hypocritical in espousing Christian beliefs, but not living by them. Lady Gaga saw this and responded to the person noting that Jesus has always spent time with sinners more than anyone.

Of course, she used Mary Magdalene as an example to prove that Jesus would hang out with sinners today too. Then Gaga said this to ease the tension:

“We’re not just ‘celebrities,’ we’re humans and sinners, children, and our lives aren’t devoid of value because we struggle.”

A CatholicLink official responded and praised Lady Gaga for her comment. It proved that she had kept her core Catholic beliefs intact while also noting that the showbiz world shouldn’t be viewed as outcasts based strictly on their work. Even so, that hasn’t stopped Gaga from criticizing organized religion as a whole.

Gaga’s references to religion in her songs

We all know Lady’s songs are about empowerment, leading to huge success and recognition with Grammy wins. Not that she didn’t write almost Christian pop songs with songs like “Judas”. However, you still find those complaining about this song and its true faith shouldn’t fit in.

This is no doubt why Gaga takes aim at institutionalized religion, including exposing hypocritical politicians who claim to adhere to Christian principles.

For example, a HuffPost article in which they interviewed Gaga about how organized religion can sometimes fail. She noted institutionalized religion has a strong impact on values to a point where it can lead to teenage suicides.

As you can guess, this bothered those used to living under the tradition of organized religion while enduring hypocrisy. If Lady Gaga doesn’t fall into everyone’s good graces, no one can say she hasn’t given everyone pause.

When even Catholic officials acknowledge her integration of religion into showbiz, you know she’s bridged a gap that other celebrities haven’t easily built.