Why This Mother’s Abortion Decision Challenged Her Family’s Religious Beliefs

SALT LAKE CITY — A mother of three shares her heartbreaking experience of losing a baby. She hopes her personal story will encourage compassion, pointing out that abortion decisions are nuanced.

Juliet Nielsen was eager to welcome her fourth child into the world when a health check signaled a problem. She and her husband would later learn that this was “the worst news you could ever receive about your baby”.

The baby had severe physical deformities that he could not survive, such as major organs growing outside of his body.

Nielsen had previously suffered a life-threatening miscarriage, so doctors suggested an abortion. She called the procedure “emotional and devastating.”

“Being a member of the LDS Church, it was really hard for me to make,” she said, “to make the choice to bring my baby out before his heart stopped beating. learned all my life that it was wrong and immoral.

Nielsen said the process challenged the beliefs of some of his “unequivocally pro-life” family members.

She shared her story on Facebook and Instagram; over 20,000 people liked the post.

The Nielsens live in Delaware, but Juliet and her husband went to Utah Valley University and Brigham Young University, respectively. They still have family in Utah.

The mum is an abortion rights supporter, saying real people find themselves in circumstances we’ve never experienced.

“I think the situations that require an abortion are far too nuanced and complicated to be covered by law,” Nielsen said. “I would just like to see people be more compassionate to each other and more loving and understanding, that not all decisions are black and white.”